我是資深的電腦資訊從業員,曾於 Motorola 及 Philips 等跨國大型公司管理層工作十多年,具各類ERP資源管理系統及其它應用系統經驗,如QAD之MFG/PRO、SAP、Ufida(用友)、Kingdee(金蝶)、Microsoft's Dynamic、Wonderware's In-Track (SFC)、Webplan (SCM)、Hyperion (business intelligence)、Informatics (Data Warehouse)...等等。另外,我精於廠房車間之電腦資訊運作,擁有 CISSP 及 ITIL 認證,能提供日常資訊運作之檢測及審查,以提高操作效率。 本人誠意為各類大中小型廠房提供資訊審計、支援及意見,歡迎聯絡,電郵為




我想很多人會對"香港股票價位的歷史數據"有興趣,我已下載成Microsoft Access database version 2000 的文檔,資料由2008/1/1至2009/12/2,zip壓縮後也有11M,若索取請留你的PM我 。




Odoo New Version 11 Overview

Good news that I got a new version of odoo ver 11. A lot of good stuff there.
For this version, focused most of our efforts on improving the API so it will run faster and be easier for developers to work with. This isn’t to say there’s nothing for the end user, though. it made small changes to many apps to make them more intuitive and more useful. Odoo V11 introduced global keyboard shortcuts and a global search feature to make navigating Odoo quicker and easier than ever.


I obtained a MCSE Windows Server - Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

Cheers that I obtained a MCSE-Cloud Platform and Infrastructure certification several weeks ago. I just needed to take one Microsoft exam # 70-753 to upgrade from MCSA to MCSE. Originally, I did not plan to have MCSE because it did not find it has any benefit to my career. However, because I had a a spare Microsoft exam coupon, so, I decided to take this Azure exam. I prepared the exam for two months, mainly studied from Microsoft resource and studied braindump question from Although I could only find 20% of my exam questions from braindump, I still luckily passed the exam in one-take. Next, I will prepare my pmp project exam.


How to fix Outlook "Not Implemented" error during Send/Receive

Today, when one of my customers pressed the “Send-Receive” button to check for new email messages using Microsoft Outlook (2010), suddenly he received the “Not implemented” error message on his screen. As a result of this error, the customer couldn't use Outlook to send or receive any messages. After some research on the installed programs, we discovered that two versions of MS Office were installed on the computer and the Outlook program settings probably were corrupted. So we applied the following solution to solve the “Not implemented” error:

How to solve the “Not implemented” error in MS Outlook

Step 1. Uninstall the Office version that you don’t want.

First of all decide which Outlook and Office version you want to use and then uninstall the other one.
1. To do that go to:
·         Windows 8/7/Vista: Start > Control Panel.
·         Windows XP: Start > Settings > Control Panel
2. Double click to open “Add or Remove Programs” if you have Windows XP or “Programs and Features” if you have Windows 8, 7 or Vista).
3. In the list of installed programs, find and remove/Uninstall the Office version that you don’t want (e.g. MS Office 365).

Step 2. Repair Office Installation

Next, repair your Office installation, To do that:
1. In the program list, select the “Microsoft Office” version installed on your computer and click “Change” from the top. 
2. At the next screen, check the “Repair” option and click “Continue”.
3. When the repair process is completed, restart your computer and work with Outlook again.
Additional Help: If the “Not implemented” error still occurs in Outlook, then try the following:
1. Create a new Outlook profile by going to: StartControl Panel > Mail > Show Profiles.
2. Now click the “Add” button to create your new profile and when finished, check the “Prompt for a profile to be used” option and click “OK”.
3.Open Outlook, select your newly created profile from the list and setup your email account in this profile. Now you should be fine.


How to Crack the VBA Password Manually?

Source: VBA stands for Visual Basic for Application, which is a component of MS Office and used by the MS application like Excel, Word, Access, etc. It is a file extension for a visual basic file and contains the visual basic source code. This file is used to add functionality to the MS office application and automates routine tasks especially in Microsoft Excel. Above, you have read about the description of a VBA file. Now focus here, if you lost your VBA password and you are looking for a manual solution to crack the password. Follow the below steps to recover your VBA password. Take a backup of VBA files first. XLSM files are same as XLSX files but you need to enable the macros to make XLSM files to XLSX. Method 1: Swap the password using any Hex Editor. Step 1: Create a new simple excel file (.xls) with the help of Hex editor. Step 2: Now, set a password in the VBA section (Alt + F11). Step 3: Save the file and Exit. Step 4: Now, open the file which you have recently created with a hex editor. Step 5: Copy the lines starting with the following keys: CMG=…. DPB=… GC=... Step 6: With the help of Hex Editor, open the file in which you want to crack the password and paste the above copied lines from the dummy file. Step 7: Now, save the excel file and exit. Step 8: Open an excel file where you need to see the VBA code and here, use the same password, which you’ve used for a dummy VBA file in step 2. Method 2: Step 1: Open a VBA file in any Hex Editor. Search for the text “DPB=”. vba password recovery 2_1 Step 2: After that replace the “DPB=” with “DPx=” and Save -> Close file. vba password recovery 2_2 Step 3: Now, open the file in Excel and then, press Yes, if the below warning message display: vba password recovery 1_3 Step 4: Press Alt + F11 to open the VBA editor and click on OK button, if you will see the following message: vba password recovery 1_4 Step 5: Right-click on the VBA project and here, select Properties -> Protection and then, delete the existing passwords. Also, uncheck the checkbox of Lock project for viewing. vba password recovery 1_5 Step 6: Now, access the VBA file easily. Method 3: Step 1: First, change the extension of the .xlsm file into .zip. Step 2: With the help of WinZip / WinRar, open the .zip file and then, go to the xl folder. vba password recovery 3_1 Step 3: Extract the vbaProject.bin file and open the file in a Hex Editor. vba password recovery 3_2 Step 4: Search and replace DPB with DPx and then, save the file. Step 5: Now, in the Zip file replace the old vbaProject.bin file with this new one. Step 6: Again, change the file extension from .zip to .xlsm. Step 7: Open the Visual Basic inside Excel an then. go to Tools -> VBAProject Properties -> Protection Tab. Now, add a new password and save the .xlsm file. Step 8: Close and re-open your VBA file with new password. Method 4: Step 1: First, open the workbook in which the protected sheet consists. Step 2: Press Alt+F11 to view or open the Visual Basic Editor. Now, enter the Insert-Module and paste the below code into the right-hand code window: vba password recovery manual method Step 3: Then, close the VB Editor window and navigate to the worksheet you want to unprotect. Step 4: Enter Tools-Macro-Macros and double-click on PasswordBreaker in the list. If you’ve followed the above manual steps and still you are not able to access your protected VBA file then try any third party VBA password recovery tool. With the help of such tool, you can easily recover your lost VBA password. This tool enables you to recover any type of VBA files perfectly. Watch the below video and know how this tool recover your lost VBA password. Follow the below steps to crack the VBA password: Step 1: Download VBA Password Recovery Tool and run it. Step 2: Click Open and select VBA file(s). Step 3: Now, click on File properties. Step 4: Click on Recover button to recover the password of selected file. Advertisements


cannot cancel or replace apple order in Hong Kong after 15 Aug 2017

It is too bad that we cannot cancel or replace apple order in Hong Kong after 15 Aug 2017 If we want to cancel an apple order, we can only reject its delivery product (i.e. not receive it) and pay 15% service charge.


請注意,本頁的內容適用於所有 2017 年 8 月 15 日及之後提交的網上訂單。

於 2017 年 8 月 15 日前提交的所有網上訂單,仍然受以往的銷售條款及細則約束。如需協助,請於星期一至五上午 9 時至晚上 8 時的辦公時間內,致電 (852) 800-908-988 聯繫 Apple Store 客戶服務。



所有於香港 Apple Store 購買的產品均不設退貨及更換。我們僅對有瑕疵的產品作出特殊的更換處理。完整政策請參閱我們的網頁。


如果你認為產品出現瑕疵,請於星期一至五上午 9 時至晚上 8 時辦公時間內,致電 (852) 800-908-988 聯繫 Apple Store 客⼾服務申請更換。
如果 Apple 確認產品出現瑕疵,並符合產品更換的資格,請根據 Apple Store 客戶服務的指引,於收到產品後的 14 天內,將產品連同原有收據 (或禮品收據) 和原裝包裝盒寄回。


MCSA Windows Server 2016 Certification

Cheers that I got a MCSA Windows Server 2016 certification which I passed the exam in one take yesterday. I just needed to take one Microsoft exam # 70-743 to upgrade from my MCITP window server 2008 to MCSA. If anyone want to get info to pass the 70-743, feel free to contact me. Moreover, I have a spare microsoft exam coupon which will be expired in end of Sept 2017; I can sell it to you in great discount, feel free to contact me.

Although I knew this cert did not have any benefit to my career path, it was just the responsibility of IT guy to update his knowledge as well as academic qualification. IT field updates very fast, and it is very hard for to trace the technology. Let's keep on learning...


Power Calculation for UPS Selection

Power calculations is approx as below example:
- 2 x Billion 7300GX modems 2 x (12V * 1A) = 2 x (12W) = 24W
- 1 x Linksys RV082 router (240V * 0.2A = 48W)
- 1 x 24 port HP Procurve 2524 switch (approx 36W)
- 1 x Dell PowerEdge 2850 with 2 x CPU's and 4 x hard drives (700W max)
TOTAL = 808W

Because 1.4VA = 1W (approx), those devices would consume 808*1.4 = 1131VA
Support using a 3000VA UPS, it can last for 2.6 hours (approx 3000/1131)
With a 5000VA UPS, it can last around 5000/1131 = 4.4 hours

In actual case, with respect to run time, it is not the 3000VA or 1000VA that determines your runtime – its the capacity of the batteries. You can get a 3000VA UPS with quite a small battery (= short runtime) and you can get 1500VA UPS with additional plug-in batteries for super long runtime. For example, a second hand 3000VA UPS from ebay might have the ability to support 15A of load but the shagged out batteries may give you less than 5mins of runtime. Hence, you have better check the UPS configuration from vendor web site.

3KVA is the maximum load the UPS can handle.
The AMP HOUR rating of the battery system is what determines runtime.
eg a 12V battery with a 7AH rating will run a 12V 1A load for 7 hours, or a 12V 2A load for 3.5 hours.
7AH/1A = 7 Hours
7AH/2A = 3.5 Hours
Our 12 V Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) 7AH battery has an energy density of 12V at 7Amps for 1 hour = 84Watt Hours = 5040 Joules.
except that's not quite correct because of battery aging.
In most cases, it would recommend a max of 2 hrs for commercial installs. This is because AC and lights, phone system are also off, resulting in H&S issues. For home use, it would recommend 30 min max.

Runtime Example from UPS vendor web site:



中國一線城市  4個
中國二線城市  31個
中國三線城市  35個



Problem to create virtualenv for python3

Error of creating a virtual environment under LINUX with command:

virtualenv env3 --python=python3

The error message is as below:
Installing setuptools, pip...
  Complete output from command /home/swamydkv/py_virenv/test/bin/python3 -c "import sys, pip; pip...ll\"] + sys.argv[1:])" setuptools pip:
  Traceback (most recent call last):    
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 1565, in _find_and_load
  File "<frozen importlib._bootstrap>", line 1532, in _find_and_load_unlocked
uninstall virtualenv  -->  sudo pip uninstall virtualenv
reinstall virtualenv  -->  sudo easy-install "virtualenv<1.11"

do not reinstall using command  --> sudo pip intall virtualenv , it does not work.